Ergonomic Solution Consulting

At CFG, we value the importance of creating a human-centered workspace to optimize performance. The purpose of all our ergonomic workspace solutions is client well-being and satisfaction. Our extensive selection of ergonomic products allows us to customize workspaces in order to meet the physical and professional needs of our clients. Furthermore, we offer an Ergonomic Chair Demo Program in which clients considering the purchase of a new chair are invited to try a demo chair at their workplace for a few days to ensure that it is a proper and comfortable fit.
Our product consultants have the knowledge and expertise to accurately interpret details of an official ergonomic assessment, and so meet the precise recommendations indicated for each individual. Notably, our consultants also provide an ergonomic adjustment and information session for the ergonomic products purchased by each client.
Professional ergonomists and clients alike choose CFG because of our product expertise and careful attention in specifying ergonomic solutions as per official assessments. At CFG, we offer an extensive selection of ergonomic seating, tables and accessories at competitive prices.
“You are my best sales rep. I am proud to boast your qualities to my colleagues. I have been working in this field for a long time and have not yet found someone as knowledgeable and professional as you are.”
Purchaser of ergonomic products from CFG – Health Canada

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