Granada Select GC33312


In response to GLOBALcare’s many healthcare partnerships, the GLOBALcare Granada Select has been developed to withstand the rigors and demands placed on seating products in these busy environments.

Three sizes of seats and three sizes of backs allows you to interchange to the fit of your choice. Once the seat and back are selected, the appropriate mechanism for the task to be performed and/or to suit user preference, completes the chair
Optional Schukra™ mechanism on some models, allows for depth adjustable lumbar support to further personalize comfort and support
Vertical back height ratchet adjustment of 5¼", standard on all models (except Task chairs)
Arms are height and width adjustable (WA) to suit user and job function
Multi-depth seat mechanism (MD) is standard on Multi-Tilter models, enabling the seat to slide forward and backwards to accommodate the leg length of the user
Memory foam seat also available on the standard size seat. This slow release foam, evenly distributes body weight
Five-legged injection moulded Black base
C10 dual wheel carpet casters are standard. For hard surface flooring casters specify C10R

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